Eco Friendly Haikus from the IPCC Report

January 10, 2014 11:59 am

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a report about greenhouse gas emissions, rising sea levels, and atmospheric circulation that raises important points about our planet’s future and how we should deal with climate change. For anybody who wants to see the contents of the report but doesn’t want to wade through 2,200 pages of it, oceanographer Gregory Johnson has turned the entire report into 19 haiku.

The ancient poetic form helps get to the point of the report using the well-known 5-7-5 syllable form.

 Big, fast carbon surge:

Ice melts, oceans heat and rise.

Air warms by decades.


Carbon increases:

Air warms through century past.

More heavy rains fall.


Abyss warms, coasts flood.

Air moistens – salt patterns shift.

Carbon sours oceans.


Glaciers and ice sheets

melt worldwide, speed increasing.

Sea ice, snow retreat.


Seas rise as they warm.

Rates quicken last century.

Melting ice joins in.


Burning fuel, farming

trap heat and sour the oceans

beyond human ken.


CO2, methane,

warm despite sun-spots, dust, soot,

clouds and volcanoes.


Models of climate

Improve with time and details…

capture big patterns.


We burn more carbon

Air warms for decades – but seas…

for millennia.


Our industry has

Warmed oceans, air, lands – changed rains –

Melted ice- raised seas.


Recent air warming

Slowed by volcanoes and sun?

Seas sequester heat.


Forty years from now

Children will live in a world

Shaped by our choices.


Artic will warm most

And land more than see – too hot.

Still, choices matter.


Wet will get wetter

And dry dryer, since warm air…

Carries more water.


Oceans will warm, yes

Deep and wide, changing currents

That flow ‘round the world.


Glaciers, snow recede.

No arctic summer ice soon?

Frozen earth melts too.


Glaciers melt, seas warm,

Giant polar ice sheets stir:

Seas may rise faster.


Warming land, sour sea,

Melting frozen earth may spew

Carbon back to air.


Fast, strong action will

Reduce future warming but…

Rising seas certain.

Rarely has an environmental impact report been so poignant, or so easy to understand. As environmental concerns become more widespread, we are seeing more and more exhibitions and artists reflecting the general public concerns about the environment and the importance of preserving it for future generations.

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