Green Building on a New Level – UK’s First Eco Town

February 28, 2014 10:00 am

Eco Friendly Town

Green building is taking off across the UK, as more people learn about their impact on the environment or just want to be more energy efficient to save money. North West Bicester in Oxfordshire will take green building to a new level with the UK’s first eco town.

Construction on the new town has already begun, and the building site is being prepared for up to 6,000 new sustainable homes. The first stage will involve building 393 energy efficient, zero carbon homes and the UK’s first every zero carbon community.

The town will contain 40% green space to ensure balance, and will also have a primary school, community centre, eco pub, and an eco business and retail centre so that there are plenty of social hotspots and places for residents to socialise.

The community will also be able to maintain allotments, while children will be able to play on naturally landscaped play areas. The town’s cycle and pedestrian routes have been prioritised within the design to encourage people to get out of their cars and choose more eco-friendly and healthy modes of transport through the town, while charging points for electric vehicles and an electric car club will further encourage residents to reconsider their vehicle choices. The commitment to eco-friendly transportation even extends to live bus timetables for every home.

Developers expect to complete the town in 2015, with the first residents moving in in spring.

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