Bathroom Loft Conversion Ideas

April 2, 2014 1:00 pm

A lot of clients opt to add a bathroom to their loft conversion. The additional space means that you have a huge number of options to make the most of this space and add a touch of luxury to your home.

Wet Rooms

wet room loft conversion

Wet rooms essentially act as open-plan bathrooms – rather than having the shower enclosed, the entire bathroom is the enclosure. This means that it needs to be sealed off properly, but you don’t have the same movement or design restrictions on your bathroom loft conversion. They’re also a lot easier to clean and require a higher quality finish than a standard bathroom.

Free Standing Baths

bathroom loft conversion

Free standing baths require room around them, and in the small houses in the UK (especially London) that sort of space can seem like a real luxury. Since there are fewer space restrictions on loft conversions, a lot of our clients prefer free standing baths to installed ones.

Skylights or Velux Windows      

modern bathroom loft conversion

One of the major benefits of a bathroom loft conversion is the privacy. Up-wards facing windows such as Velux windows or skylights (depending on your loft conversion type) increase your privacy while letting in far more light than a standard window.


Still stuck for ideas? Check out the fantastic images on our Pinterest account. We have plenty of loft conversion and decorating ideas, as well as DIY projects you can use throughout your home.

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