Creative Loft Conversion Ideas

April 6, 2014 2:58 pm

Added space always feels like something of a luxury, particularly if you live in London or another area where space is at a premium. If you don’t have an expanding family or business that require extra bedrooms or quiet spaces, you can really get creative with your loft conversion and create a room that caters to your interests. If you spend money on studio space or your gym, you can even reduce your monthly outgoings.

The best ideas for you depend on how you spend your time, whether you’re an exercise nut, love painting, or want a home library for some peace and quiet, a loft conversion is your chance to bring your hobbies home.

Artist’s Studio

loft conversion for studio

Artist’s studios in London can cost upwards of £100 and can be hard to get to without a car. Move your studio home and add value to your house in the process. If you don’t have your own studio, waiting lists can be incredibly long and if the journey is quite long you’re unlikely to get good value for your money. Opening up a home studio can help you use all of your available time working, rather than travelling, and ensures that the space is exactly as you want it.

Home Gym

loft conversion home gym

There are no excuses for missing the gym if it’s just upstairs. You can work out in private, control what’s on the tv, shower in peace, and cut out the cost of your membership too. You may even have room for a small sauna to relax after your work outs.

You can tailor your equipment to your needs, and you’ll never have to wait for your favourite machine again.

Home Cinema

home cinema loft conversion

If you’re a film buff, a home cinema is probably already on the list for your dream home. Good acoustics, surround sound, HD tv, and comfy seating all mean you can make the most of your film and always have the best seats.


library loft conversion

You don’t need to be in Beauty and the Beast or Downton Abbey to have your own library. Just convert your loft, get plenty of bookcases and a fantastic chair… maybe one of those globes with a few drinks in it, and you’re set.

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