5 Easy Upcycles to Create Unique Furniture

May 8, 2014 5:10 am

Buying new furniture can be expensive, and plenty of people want to avoid having an identikit loft conversion from a certain Swedish furniture company. You can reduce your consumption, cut your costs, and create some unique furniture by upcycling things you already have or items you can easily get on freecycle or in junk shops.

Window Coffee Table



This is an amazingly simple project – you can start with a table you already have or create one yourself. All you need is an old window, a frame, and some legs. You could also alter it to make a deeper table with no legs at all, if you prefer more storage space and less work for your upcycle.

Crate Coffee Table



If you prefer another look, you can just use 4 crates to make a beautiful, functional coffee table. Just make sure they’re all the same size and clean to give an even surface. A stain and some varnish can work to match the table to your existing interior and make sure that you don’t get any splinters from it.

An Easy Ottoman



Ottomans are very easy to make and provide low seating for those spaces under the pitch of the roof. You can buy the cushion to match your pallet measurements or just make it yourself. Some colourful elastic is a great way to keep the cushion on without sacrificing design.

A Unique Home Cinema

pallete_home cinema


Why stop at an ottoman? If you want a really comfortable, unique (and cheap) home cinema, you can make the entire seating area out of pallets.

Travelling Bar



There are few rooms that aren’t improved by a stylish mini bar. Making one out of suitcase is a fantastic move, meaning that you can easily take it downstairs to clean up or use elsewhere in the house, or just keep it as interesting piece in your loft conversion.


Thanks to Upcycle That for images and ideas. For more fantastic upcycling projects, just follow the link.


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