Top Green Building Trends for 2014

May 16, 2014 1:04 pm

green building

Green building is increasingly recognised as a fantastic way to lower energy consumption and carbon emissions around the world. As corporations and governments start to pay more attention to this way of building and updating our residential and commercial buildings, some green building trends have moved to the forefront.

Green building consultant, speaker, and author, Jerry Yudelson has provided his expert opinion on how green building will continue to develop in 2014. He believes that green building will continue its strong growth in 2014, and will continue to ‘inundate the entire real estate industry’. He’s also pointed to energy efficiency as another major trend that will affect all buildings, particularly automating energy efficiency using cloud-based technology.

The third megatrend Yudelson pointed to was zero-net energy buildings, simply because people increasingly feel that it’s the right thing to do economically and environmentally.

The focus of the green building industry will also shift from designing new buildings to ‘greening’ existing buildings. This has been happening since 2010, but more governmental, commercial, and residential buildings will continue improving eco-ratings and building materials. Loft conversions certainly fall into this trend as they can improve the energy efficiency of a home, and adding alternative energy sources (such as solar panels) to your loft conversion can further reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

house with solar power

Yudelson also believes that solar power use will continue to grow, along with associated finance options that allow people to create larger roof-top systems on commercial buildings, garages, warehouses, and on homes.

We green building sees more investment, we also look forward to seeing further technological advances, better efficiency, and new solutions to building healthy, economical, eco-friendly homes. Projects such as Blackfriar Bridge and Y:Cube are signs that governments and businesses are putting more emphasis on alternative power and green building than ever before, and we look forward to seeing how it impacts UK energy consumption, carbon footprints, and our general health.

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