How to Keep Your Loft Conversion Cool

June 27, 2014 1:56 pm

keep cool

With temperatures across the UK rising, it’s useful to know a few useful tips to keep your loft conversion cool even in the height of summer.


The simplest way to keep a room cool is to ensure there’s plenty of ventilation, which will also prevent the room from becoming too humid. You can open a window or add a fan to the room to keep the air moving and help you cool down a little.

Since warm air rises, opening the velux windows can also let heat escape from the room. You can also use passive slack ventilation to add vents throughout the rooms to draw cool air down and force hot air out.


Our eco-friendly lofts use as much insulation as possible. This helps keep you warm in winter by preventing heat loss, but it also ensures that you don’t overheat in summer by preventing heat build-up in the room. If possible, we also insulate  the walls to help stabilise the internal temperature further. We have a page about how insulation and eco-friendly loft conversions help home comfort if you would like to learn more.

Keep Out of Direct Sunlight

Velux window and the fact that heat rises often mean that loft conversions can be a few degrees warmer than the rest of the house. If your windows are letting in a lot of heat, it’s a good idea to fit reflective or thicker blinds to block out light and heat.

Solar-Powered Air Conditioning

All of the suggestions so far do not use much power to keep cool and do not have a large impact on the environment. While air conditioning is not typically environmentally-friendly, there are a number of solar-powered systems that will help you cool down the room without drastically increasing your carbon footprint. This is a great system since it’s powered up by the very thing that causes your heating issues in the first place, so it is designed to work exactly when you need it.


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