Green Building Grants and Financial Help

July 22, 2014 3:32 pm

green building funds

While it can save you money in the long run, green building and eco-friendly home improvements can be expensive. Most people making these improvements don’t realise that they can claim money back or even get some improvements made for free under green building and home improvement schemes. While many of these don’t apply to loft conversions, they do apply on some of the work completed or some improvements you can make simultaneously.

Green Deal Fund

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund was set up to encourage people to install energy improvements in their homes. It can work on its own, or with Green Deal finance to cover the whole cost, but you must apply for the scheme before carrying out the work.

If approved, you could receive between up to £6,000 for your home improvement. This covers solid wall insulation (as core offer 1), or up to two other improvements from the core offer 2 list. Core offer 2 includes cavity wall insulation, a condensing mains gas boiler, secondary glazing, double/triple glazing ( to replace single glazing), flat roof insulation, replacement warm air unit, fan-assisted storage heaters, energy efficient replacement doors, floor insulation, room-in-roof insulation, flue gas heat recovery, waste water heat recovery.

Feed in Tariffs

If you install solar panels or another green way to generate electricity at home, you could get money from your energy supplier under the Feed in Tariffs Scheme. You would be paid for the electricity you generate (even if you use it yourself rather than selling it back to a supplier), and you would be paid for surplus electricity that you sell to your supplier. In addition to getting a passive income from your green energy supply, you’ll save money on your bills.

If you have solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectricity, anaerobic digesters, or micro combined heat and power installed in your home, you could qualify. Your installer and products must both be certified under the Microgeneration Certificataion Scheme for you to quality, and the tariffs you receive depend on your eligibility date and your property’s Energy Performance Certificate.

Local Authority Funds

Your local authority may have a regional fund for particular green building or green energy improvements. It’s always worth doing research locally as well as nationally since you could receive funding for part of your build or an one of the improvements to your home.

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