Bedroom Interior Inspiration

July 26, 2014 8:08 am

One of the most exciting parts of a loft conversion is the interior design – taking a large space and making it absolutely perfect for you. Sometimes, people already have a good idea of how they’d like the room to look and prefer to match it to the rest of the home, while others prefer to experiment or find interior design inspiration elsewhere. Here are a few ideas for bedroom interiors so you can make the most of your new room.

Use Hanging Lamps to Declutter Bedside Tables

bedroom interior

Using hanging lamps instead of table lamps for your bedside tables helps to remove clutter and frees up space for other things. It also means that it’s easier to switch the lamps on and off, and your light will always be at the perfect height for you.

Create a Feature Wall with a Pop of Colour

feature wall bedroom

Using a vibrant colour on all of your walls can be overwhelming, but you can always paint a single wall to create a feature for the room and stop it from looking bland or a little too neutral. In most bedrooms, it’s best to paint the wall that the bed rests against since it won’t have tall furniture blocking the view or minimising the impact.

Make the Most of Natural Light

natural light bedroom

Waking up to a room flooded with sunlight is wonderful, and one of the best things about a loft conversion is how light and airy the rooms can be. If your permitted development/planning permission allows, try to add larger windows to your new bedroom or make the most of natural light with upwards facing windows on your Velux or Mansard loft conversion.

Get Fitted Furniture for Your Bedroom

fitted furniture bedroom

Fitted furniture is a fantastic way to open up more floor space and make your room look more polished. You can even fit lighting into your furniture to offer a range of different options. Fitted furniture often provides more storage space than free-standing items, and you avoid the risk of the room looking cluttered. While this example is sleek and modern, there are plenty of country-style or more traditional designs to fit any taste.

Mix Different Textures for a Luxurious Feel

luxury bedroom interior

Using the same colour scheme throughout your room but mixing textures with different fabrics and materials is a fantastic way to add depth and a more luxurious feel to your room. You can apply this approach to bedding, wall coverings, curtains, or even the flooring.


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