Working from Home Benefits Everybody, So Why Not Start?

August 13, 2014 11:39 am

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Workers all over the UK dream of ditching the commute and working from home; if you’re self-employed your can cut costs by down-sizing the office, and employees can save hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds every year by working from home.

Improve Your Quality of Life

14% of home workers say that they see their family more, and can even cut the costs of childcare as they’re home when the children return from school or nursery. Workers said that they also spent more time sleeping since they didn’t need to get up earlier to commute to work – those hours added up to over 1,000 hours per year, according to a study by O2.

Home Workers are More Productive

Companies benefit from home workers too, with 36% of home workers reporting that they’re more productive when working from home compared to working at the office. While employees can communicate with their team or clients through video conferencing or IM, their home environments are more free from distractions and usually better suited to their individual working processes. Recent studies showed that home workers actually worked more than commuters, and managed to put in 57 hours of work per week without feeling a negative impact on other areas of their life.

The open plan offices favoured by most companies have been proven to be disruptive and even make workers sick more often. Home working may be the best way to counteract that, save money, and ensure that business is not disrupted by extreme weather.

Join Thousands of Others Working from Home

4.2 million Britons work from home – that makes up 14% of the overall workforce including creatives, self-employed, and even senior managers who can perform their duties from the comfort of their own office. This is the highest figure since records began, and the number is still growing.

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Create the Right Environment

The right work environment is essential to home workers. Some people have reported converting bedrooms in the house or even building annexes or sheds with electricity and heating to create a separate work environment in the home. Loft conversions are an excellent way to add a home office without sacrificing living space, and can even add value to your home when you come to sell.


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