Giving Children the Privacy They Need

August 20, 2014 12:37 pm

private room for children

Privacy is essential for child development and healthy psychology. While child psychologists may disagree about the age when it becomes most important (some claim toddlers require private space, while others believe it’s most important in the teen years), most will agree that private space and time to enjoy it are incredibly important for nurturing thoughtful, independent children.

Time Alone

Children as young as toddlers need opportunities to practice their independence – while some prefer to draw or play alone, others will express this need during potty training. However, the need for private space becomes far greater for school-age and especially teen children. While in the past sharing rooms has been very common, most child development professionals now agree that separate rooms are important for creating boundaries and giving children the space to realise their own thoughts and preferences.

Time alone ensures that children:

  • Learn to amuse themselves
  • Focus on their own interests
  • Spend time doing what they enjoy
  • Learn to manage free time effectively
  • Become more self-sufficient
  • Develop better self esteem
  • Do not develop excessive sibling rivalry

Ultimately, the space to  spend time alone has huge benefits, academically and emotionally.

Sleep and Play

Many parents do not have the luxury of creating a separate playroom for their children, so it’s best to ensure that the bedroom is a flexible space that serves both purposes. Studies have shown that bedrooms need to be associated with sleep to ensure that children get a restful night. Rooms associated primarily with play are more difficult for children to sleep in, particularly if there are a lot of electronics that can be used without parental permission.

Even teenagers benefit from this separation since the blue light emitted from screens can disrupt sleeping patterns. Removing as many screens as possible reduces the likelihood of your child watching the screens at bedtime or staying up to chat to friends or play video games.

child bedroom loft conversion

Creating a Private Bedroom

In early childhood, it’s important that your child’s room is close by in case of sickness, nightmares, or general issues in the night. However, as children get older they are likely to want more privacy and it’s reasonable to offer more space between your bedrooms. A loft conversion bedroom is an excellent way to provide older children with the privacy they want and space to develop their own interests or spend time with friends without disrupting the rest of the family. With younger children, part of the space could even be used to create a separate play area so that the bedroom is just used for sleep and dressing.

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