Inspiration for Your Child’s Bedroom

August 27, 2014 12:57 pm

If you’re moving your child’s bedroom to a loft conversion, it’s a fantastic opportunity to be really creative with your new space. Bedrooms in loft conversions are usually more spacious, and you may end up with some strange angles you need to work with. Why not create a bedroom based entirely around your child’s favourite sports, tv shows, or games?

If you’re stuck for inspiration, here are some incredible images to help you come up with some ideas. While custom beds may be out of budget for a lot of people, adding a fake tree swing or unusual shelving is actually relatively easy.

bed slide bedroom


Adding a slide is almost guaranteed to get them out of bed for breakfast.

fairy bedroom


This beautiful bed looks like it’s been carved out of a tree, with little steps if she’s too tired to climb in.

fairy forest bedroom


Or maybe you’d prefer to turn the entire room into a forest, complete with a tree swing?

pirate bedroom


If your child loved Pirates of the Caribbean, you could put together a ship in your child’s room – complete with a rope bridge and an oubliette.

playhouse bedroom


Or you could make it a bit more friendly with a playhouse for a bed.

safari bedroom


If your child loves animals, why not create a safari-themed room?

space bedroom children


Or a space room for your little astronaut.

sports bedroom


Most adults would be jealous of this sports-themed room ,with plenty of games to play alone or with friends.

tree swing bedroom


Or another tree swing, with a bit more room to use it.

treehouse bedroom

trucker bedroom childrens


You have to admire this parent’s commitment to their kid’s favourite toy!

under the seabedroom


If you’d like to see more ideas and incredible bedrooms, take a look here.


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