Health and Safety Executive is Working to Make Loft Conversions Safer

September 11, 2014 11:42 am

loft conversion health and safety


After an accident where a young construction worker fell through a hole on-site in June 2013, the company managing the build has been fined. While it’s essential that individual companies are targeted if they are not looking after the safety and welfare of their workers, the HSE is now launching an initiative to prevent accidents when working on loft conversion jobs.

Inspectors will be making additional site visits and giving briefings to contractors to tackle poor standards and raise awareness of the risks involved in working at great heights. EcoLofts welcome this change, and look forward to seeing safer sites and fewer accidents across the industry.

For loft conversion clients, this simply means that you may have inspectors looking at the work more regularly. While this can occasionally cause very short breaks in work, it is likely to benefit clients since more inspections mean that the work is scrutinised more closely, ensuring that you have a safer and better quality loft conversion.

HSE Inspector, Gavin Pugh, has stated “Companies that skirt around safety put lives at risk. The hazards presented by working on or close to fragile surfaces are widely known in the industry and there are numerous deaths and injuries to workers as a result of safety failures every year.”

Since our foundation, EcoLofts Ltd has boasted an excellent safety record, with no major accidents on any loft conversion. We make safety a priority, both during the build and for the integrity of the loft conversion.

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