How Does a Loft Conversion Change the Rest of My House?

October 27, 2014 1:10 pm

loft conversion stairs

Adding a loft conversion to your home can have implications for the rest of the house. The changes depend largely on the existing architecture and structure of your home – in some cases, the changes are minimal while others are more extensive.


Ideally, you should have more than the minimum head height in your existing loft space. If that’s the case, the rest of your home can remain largely untouched apart from the staircase. However, if you don’t have enough head height but still want to proceed with a conversion, you may need to lower the ceilings on another storey. This is an extensive process, and can be costly. Ceilings can only be lowered if your other floors have enough head height, and it can change the proportions of the rooms.


Access to the loft conversion must be via a permanent staircase if it is to be used as a living area rather than just storage. This means that you will need to find room to put the staircase in the top storey of your home – if possible, we like to add this to the existing landing of your house to ensure that access is separate from other bedrooms, and it helps the loft conversion flow into the house rather than seeming like a later addition.

Most clients opt for a slightly narrower staircase than their main one to save room, but it’s important to remember that you will need to use this staircase on a regular basis and will need to carry furniture up to the loft conversion.

In some instances, a built in wardrobe or small bedroom is sacrificed to house the entire staircase, and the contents are moved elsewhere in the existing house or into the loft conversion.

Water Tanks & Boilers

If your water tank is located in the loft, you will need to make a decision about moving it or boxing it in. Boxing the water tank in is by far the cheapest solution, but in some instances people prefer to move it elsewhere in the home to use that space in their new loft conversion.

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