New Approaches to Bedroom/Bathroom Loft Conversions

December 17, 2014 2:17 pm

The most popular loft conversions involve adding a bedroom and a bathroom to the attic space. This isn’t a particularly new idea, but as homes get smaller and modern architecture develops, new approaches have emerged. This means that there are plenty of new design ideas that you can incorporate into your loft conversion to make the design more interesting and make the most of the space available.

Bedroom or Bathroom Pods

loft conversion bathroom pod bed pod loft conversionPods are a fantastic way to separate spaces without thick walls. Using glass can create the illusion of more space while keeping your bed sound proof or trapping moisture in the bathroom so keep the areas separate and comfortable.


bedroom mezzanine mezzanine loft conversion


Not a particularly new innovation, but mezzanines are gaining popularity as a way to separate different areas. You can even use the part under the platform as storage, which is perfect for areas such as London and the home countries where space is at a premium. The platforms can be used to separate the bed from the bathroom or incorporated into the bedroom to keep the seating area away from the sleeping area.

Partial Walls

partial wall loft conversion


Instead of creating separate rooms, you can just use partial walls to separate off the space. This makes the areas appear larger while maintaining privacy in the different areas. Open plan living isn’t for everybody, but this is an excellent compromise that creates clean, modern lines without vast open spaces.


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