Modular Loft Conversions are Coming!

December 28, 2014 2:34 pm

Although loft conversions typically have  a larger footprint than the average room, since they can stretch across an entire floor of the house, it’s always worth looking at the design to see how you can save space. The latest tiny houses craze has really improved the ideas and technology for this – the biggest innovation is using modular cupboards to make the spaces flexible while keeping the space clean and clutter free.

This Parisian loft apartmen from Kitoko is a fantastic example of a clean, modular space that offers seating, sleeping quarters, a bathroom, and plenty of storage.

bathroom modular loft conversion

A birds-eye view shows just how small the area is, but the main area of the room is open and clean since it can be changed into a standing space, seating area, or simply a hallway by opening a few doors.

birdseye view

There’s also plenty of storage under the bed platform to prevent the small area from becoming too cluttered. While minimalism is an ideal, most people don’t manage to live with so few items, so providing adequate storage is essential to making a small space work. modular loft conversion modular nook loft conversion modular storage bedroom

The wardrobe also folds out, together with a table and seats. pull out seating loft conversion shower in the loft conversion

The only way to achieve this is through bespoke cabinetry to fit your space perfectly. This approach can be expensive, but it means that you don’t need to buy any additional furniture for the room, so rather than buying a bathroom suite, bed, seating, wardrobes, table and chairs, you create a single piece of modular furniture with plenty of flexible options to suit your home.


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