Green Build Hub Being Built in Cornwall

January 5, 2015 10:01 am

A new living laboratory will be built on the site of the Eden Project to install, test, and monitor sustainable living options. The £1.4 million development from Cornwall Sustainable Building Trust (CSBT) is expected to achieve an outstanding rating from BREAAM and will improve green knowledge and training in the UK.

The area will serve as a location for eco-building products to be installed and tested to provide objective, real-world data in a British build setting. In addition to providing valuable information for the green building industry and enthusiasts, it offers the opportunity for specialist green suppliers to showcase and test their most innovative products.

Innovation Has Already Begun

The building process itself will be used as a way to study materials and processes. The CSBT is now using Building Information Modelling to map the build process through 3D visualisations – the information is unique and should help those studying green building methods.

The design itself has been created to offer the best possible test environment for companies involved. Phil Crossley, Senior Associate Director at Ward Williams Associates, explained that “The concertina front of the property has been designed as a series of glazed sections between low impact structural insulated panels; these panels will showcase and test new renewable materials in modular walls, such as straw bales. Most excitingly over the life of the building these will be interchangeable as new and better performing structural elements come onto the market.”

Public Interaction

The site was chosen to allow conducted tours and public access to the site. Even the roof will be accessible for wheelchair users, so everybody will have the opportunity to see all of the green building elements, including the green roofing and renewable energy installations.


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