When is the Best Time of Year to Build a Loft Conversion?

January 16, 2015 11:47 am

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A lot of clients ask us about the best time of year to start building their loft conversion – some are concerned about interrupting work schedules or school work (especially during exam time), while others are concerned about delays due to the weather.

We Build Loft Conversions All Through the Year

We can start building your loft conversion at any time during the year, and we’ll always schedule work around your circumstances. Only extreme weather has an impact on building schedules, and we use large tarpaulins to cover openings so that the house is always weather tight. They’re secured with eyelets or timber battens, so while they may flap in windy weather they will keep the rain out.

Loft Conversions with a Deadline

A lot of our builds have a set deadline, especially when couples are preparing for the arrival of a baby or family members are planning to move into the home. In these cases, we recommend that you get in touch as soon as possible so that we can discuss your needs and let you know how long the build itself will take. While our construction work is almost always completed on time, there can be delays at the beginning of a project – particularly if you need to apply for planning permission or need to discuss a party wall agreement with neighbours.

Building Schedules

At the beginning of a project, we confirm building schedules with you to ensure that you know when work should be completed and to let you know dates for key events such as the knock through. Unfortunately, there aren’t really any standard time frames that we can offer without at least knowing the type of loft conversion and rooms built – the best way to find out more about your potential building schedules would be to get in touch to arrange an assessment and quote.

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