12 Beautiful Bookshelves (and 2 You Can Make Yourself)

June 19, 2015 1:37 pm

Whether you’re building the library of your dreams or just want somewhere to put your books, bookshelves are a fantastic way to add something interesting to a room without turning to paintings, sculptures or ornaments. The books  themselves add a variety of textures and colours, or the bookshelf can be a design feature itself.

Here are some of our favourite wooden bookshelves from around the web – we’ve found everything from repurposed pianos to invisible bookshelves and shelves you can read.

rustic wood bookshelfSource


Sourceread your bookcase


perfectly balanced bookshelfSource

modern art bookshelf

Sourceperfect fit bookshelf

Sourceladder bookshelf

Framed bookshelf

equation bookshelf

Sourcediy floating bookshelves Source clever bookshelf Sourcedesigner bookshelfSource

Your choice of bookshelf really depends on how many books you have, what the room is used for, and your preferred materials. The designer bookshelf directly above, for example, is perfect if you have 10-15 books and a relatively small space dedicated to storing them. The curves and pouting shape make an impact without overwhelming the rest of the room or reducing the functionality of it.

If you have an entire wall to cover, you may want to get a larger bookcase or even a series of them to cover the entire wall. Some of our clients even opt for using bookshelves instead of partition walls in their loft conversions because they offer privacy without the need to commit to a particular room size or shape.

It’s amazing what you can make in just a couple of hours. If you don’t want a bookshelf at all, you can use the books themselves in a floating shelf, or you could make a custom fit bookshelf out of plywood for your absolute favourites.

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