Home Cinema Loft Conversion in Essex

While it may not top the list of most popular loft conversions, a home cinema is certainly one of the more luxurious ways to use your additional living space. A home cinema loft conversion can transform the rest of your house too, ensuring that the main living room is more of a social area rather than one based around your television.

Our client in Essex is extremely enthusiastic about film, and wanted a room in the house where she could fit a projector and full sound system to enjoy the cinema experience every time she watched a film with her family.

Home cinema loft conversion in Essex


Home Cinema Loft Conversion in Essex


The final room has ample seating and room for the 5-point surround sound system that Rachelle wanted too.

After enquiring through the Eco Loft website, I received a phone call from Adam arranging an appointment with me to come and view my property, for his nearest available time which was in less than 5 days.

Once he turned up at my house my first impressions were that he was a very friendly person and very punctual (he actually turned up 5 minutes early!). He took a look in my loft and some of the rest of the house to see if we could convert my loft. Luckily we could, so I explained the plans for my home cinema.

Once the work started, the building team was very punctual and always on time, if not early. There was no disruption to my general day to day life and every day the workers left the house the way they found it.

All in all, I was very happy with the overall service and quality of the conversion Eco Loft supplied. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to add space to their home.