Velux Loft Conversion FAQs

velux loft conversion

Velux loft conversions are among the most popular conversion types since it reduces the amount of work done on the roof, which has an impact on build times and budgets required. These loft conversions let in a lot of natural light, even with smaller windows, while retaining your privacy – that’s why they’re perfect for bedroom or bathroom conversions.

However, there are quite a few questions that arise when using Velux windows since most people have not lived with upwards-facing windows before. Here are a few of the more frequently asked questions to help you decide whether this is the right loft conversion for you.

Can Velux windows be fitted to any roof?

Yes. Velux offer a wide range of windows that can be fitted to any angle roof. The type of window you need depends on your roof pitch, your roofing material, and the size of your window. There are top-hung windows that are designed for roofs that have more of an angle (15-75 degrees), but they can be adjusted to fit other pitches with the use of special springs.

Can Velux windows be fitted on a slate roof?

Yes. Velux windows come with a range of flashings to work with every window and every roof type. These flashings create a watertight seal between the window and your roofing material –  the EDL/EBL/EKL flashings are perfect for slate that’s up to 8mm thick and fits most roof pitches.

Can Velux windows be fitted on a flat roof?

Yes. Velux’s range of windows include products that have been created just for flat roofs. These can be installed on roofs with a pitch of 0-15 degrees, and have been created specifically to withstand environmental conditions that come with facing upwards rather than at an angle.

How can Velux windows reduce noise pollution?

If you live in a built up area, or near railway lines, roads, or an airport, you may want to consider upgrading to window panes with more sound insulation. They also provide more safety with a laminated interior pane of glass.

How can I stop the room from overheating in summer?

If your loft conversion gets too hot or stuffy, you can add a Velux Blackout blind with aluminium backing to reduce heat build up and block out sunlight. Velux blinds fit the windows perfectly and come in a range of colours and patterns so that you can find the perfect match for your room.

What do I do if my Velux window is misting between the panels?

If you see water building up between the panes on your Velux window, it’s because the inner seal is broken, allowing moisture to build up between the panes. The best thing to do is to call whoever installed the window, or call Velux directly to see what your warranty status is.

If condensation builds up on the outside of the window, is it broken?

No. If you have a condensation build up on the outside of your Velux window, it’s perfectly normal. It happens a lot on modern, low energy panes because of the high insulation levels.

Does the window close when it’s windy or raining?

The window will not close automatically unless you upgrade to a window with a rain sensor. This sensor will close the window straight away when it is raining to keep your loft interior dry.