The Cost of a Loft Conversion – And How They Pay You Back

April 26, 2016 9:40 am

loft conversion in progress

Spring ushers in new life and new beginnings for most people; it’s a time of renewal and a time to make plans. For many people, it’s the best time to plan a loft conversion because the weather is gradually improving making building works on their home seem less daunting. Few people to face the upheaval and mess of home improvements during a wet, muddy winter! Though it should be remembered that loft conversions are probably among the simplest of building works and actually create very little waste.

The cost of a loft conversion is a concern for most people and yet the obvious payback is immediate; you need more space but moving home costs a lot when you consider stamp duty, legal costs and moving costs.

By choosing a loft conversion your saving is instantaneous but that’s not forgetting the future money you will save by choosing to convert. Your property value can increase by as much as 20%…that’s a significant amount and let’s not forget that an extra room can be a wonderful way to make more income.

Lodgers or B&B arrangements could be considered in the future when your home has more space due to children flying the nest. Even temporary lodgers will bring in a good income but without the lifestyle changes brought about by a more permanent arrangement.

Do the maths when it comes to working out the possible gains and it becomes clear very quickly that for a minimal investment the value of your home and its potential earning powers grow exponentially.

Loft conversions are a possibility on almost all homes; even period homes with restrictions on building alterations are at times suitable for conversion if approached in the correct way.

To learn more and potentially unlock the earning power of your home, visit Eco Loft today.

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