Luxurious Interiors for your Loft Conversion on a Budget

May 19, 2016 9:32 am

The words luxury and budget don’t naturally sit well together do they? A luxurious interior conjures up images of soft, expensive fabrics, polished wood and precious metal; high quality art works and glittering floor to ceiling mirrors whereas the idea of a budget interior merely conjures up thoughts of man-made fabrics and badly framed prints.

budget luxury interiors

But it doesn’t have to be that way! There are certain tricks of the trade when it comes to giving your home…and specifically your new loft conversion…a million-dollar makeover without breaking the bank.

Less is More

Whatever your favourite styles are, the key to achieving an expensive look on the cheap is to keep it pared down. Don’t be tempted to overcompensate for a small budget by getting too busy with your design board!

Filling your walls with bad prints which can be found on the walls of a million other homes is never the way to go and similarly, choosing soft furnishings made from cheap fabrics will only bring your whole look down.

Keep your main colour scheme neutral and understated; grey tones are excellent as a base for a room which is to be done on a shoestring and because grey can be well matched with any other colour, you will find that you can express your creativity easily.

If you can run to it, select a really good quality rug; along with your walls, your floor is one of the largest spaces to fill and making it extra lovely will mean that skimping elsewhere won’t be so noticeable.

The same rule applies to window dressings; cheap blinds or voiles are a huge no-no; they will bring the whole room down.

Visit discount fabric stores where for knock down prices you can buy end of roll fabrics by the yard at much lower prices than you might expect and use these to sew your own curtains and toning cushion covers.

Art Works

Now, we can’t all have the luxury of owning original pieces of art for our homes…or can we?

You might think that original paintings are beyond your reach but you’d be wrong! Become acquainted with your local art school; end of term exhibitions can often yield beautiful and surprisingly affordable pieces by up and coming young artists which who knows…might even become valuable one day!

Think of it as an investment and take a risk on a piece of art which speaks to you.

Whether your loft conversion is a spare bedroom, an office or second sitting room, you can design a beautiful room on a budget; one which reflects both your taste and your pocket.

Visit our loft conversion picture gallery today for more inspiration.

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