Choosing the Right Loft Conversion for You

December 15, 2016 10:36 am

While loft conversion companies can advise you on what type of loft conversion to build, it’s ultimately your decision and probably one of the most important ones you’ll make for your home. Your decision impacts the build time, the cost, and what your loft conversion will look and feel like in the end. Here are few tips to help you with the decision and to figure out what type of loft conversion will work best for you.

The Cheapest Loft Conversion

If you’re on a tight budget, a Velux loft conversion will probably fit your needs best. Velux loft conversions don’t involve a lot of changes to the roof itself – the only visual change is the addition of Velux windows to allow light and ventilation. Because of this, you can save money on the overall cost of the loft conversion.

You can make other savings too if you’re on a budget – for example, not adding a bathroom to the loft conversion avoids the need for a lot of plumbing work. Likewise, handling the decoration yourself can save money as well.

The Biggest Loft Conversion

Mansard loft conversions offer the biggest rooms – they have far more usable floor space because of the angles involved, and the interior rooms hardly feel like a loft conversion at all. If you’d like to add the most possible space to your home, a Mansard loft conversion is the best choice.

The Fastest Loft Conversion to Build

Velux loft conversions are typically the fastest to build – there are no significant changes to the roof itself, so there’s no need to spend time opening up sides of the roof or adding Dormers. They also rarely require planning permission, which means that you can go from design to completion far more quickly than if you had to apply for planning consent.

The Best Loft Conversion for Conservation Areas

If you live in a conservation area, it can be much more challenging to build a loft conversion. Typically, Velux or Dormer conversions are the only ones allowed because they do not make significant aesthetic changes to the building. The type you choose depends on the type of architecture in the area and the planning restrictions in place.

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