Loft Conversions for Your New Year’s Resolution

January 3, 2017 10:35 am

How many times have you wanted to have your old friends over for a catch up or try out a new yoga tutorial at home but just didn’t have the space? So many New Year’s resolutions are hampered by people not having the right environment for them to achieve their goals. In 2017, why not turn that on its head so that you can achieve what you set out to do in January?

Lose Weight at Home

There’s always a good excuse not to go to the gym – it’s raining, you’re tired from work and don’t want to head back out, or you don’t see the point of spending 20 mins in the car when you can only fit in a 30 min workout that day. Building a home gym means you can get rid of those excuses and hopefully find the motivation to work out more often to burn off those pounds. If a gym isn’t your thing, you can create a serene yoga studio or even a home spa so you can sweat it out in the sauna instead.

See Your Friends More Often

Everyone always has different schedules – it’s harder still if people can’t stay over so you only have a few hours together before everybody has to go. Adding a guest bedroom can make your home more comfortable over the holidays or when you have people over. If there’s enough room to sleep already, you could create a space for entertaining by building a home cinema or a games room.

Master a New Skill

Hobbies usually come with a lot of stuff related to them, and probably need more room than you initially realised. Whether you’re quilting or learning the piano, it always helps to have a bit of extra space to practice without disturbing the rest of the family or being disturbed. You can build a hobby room in your loft in just 8-10 weeks – some may be built even sooner, since there is no need for plumbing works if no bathroom is being fitted.

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