All You Need to Know About Loft Conversions

March 16, 2017 9:37 am

Rocketing house prices over the past few years have made it very difficult for people to move home, which is very inconvenient for growing families who need the extra room. Converting your loft is an excellent way to create additional space in your home and it doesn’t interfere with your garden space. So, whether you’re after an extra bedroom for your guests, a shiny new bathroom or a quiet office to do your work, a loft conversion is the ideal option. Not only will it add more room in your home, it will also add up to 20% to the value of your property.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

It is unlikely that you will need planning permission for a simple Velux or Dormer loft extension, because they don’t interfere with the structure of the building too significantly. It’s always advised that you check with your local planning department, just in case.

For a Mansard conversion, planning permission is necessary because it involves further construction work. This is the most effective type of loft conversion as it results in spacious and luxurious additional space.

Can I Do My Own Conversion?

The best place to start is with an assessment of your roof space, to see if it is appropriate for conversion. Once you have this established, it’s a good idea to decide what you’d like to use the space for. It is not recommended to attempt a full DIY conversion because there are some complicated aspects; it is better to appoint an experienced builder or specialist loft conversion company.

Bear in mind that good insulation in your loft is very important because without it, around 50% of your heat will be lost through the walls and roof, wasting your money and causing unnecessary damage to the environment.

How Much Will it Cost?

A loft conversion will cost you anywhere between £10,000 and £40,000 depending on various factors such as the age and location of your house, the size, the roof structure and the type of conversion you opt for. For this reason, you have to be sure it’s worth the investment by planning carefully and budgeting sensibly!

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