Areas Served

Eco Loft Ltd are based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, and provide loft conversion services throughout London and the home counties.


Following a slight depression in housing prices, loft conversions are an increasingly popular solution for households that are waiting for housing prices to recover before moving home or those who want to ensure that their home improvement provides excellent ROI when they do choose to sell.


As average house prices in Essex are over the stamp duty threshold, more and more Essex residents are choosing to complete a loft conversion to save money. A loft conversion in this area could be carried out for the cost of stamp duty alone and saves the further costs and upheaval of moving home.


Once families have moved to the catchment area of Hertfordshire’s excellent schools, many are reluctant to move. Loft conversions provide an excellent solution for families that have outgrown their home but want to stay in the same area.


Most loft conversions in Kent can be carried out within the permitted developments guidelines, which cuts down on timely and costly planning permission. The changes to planning requirements have made loft conversions a popular option in this area.


London is famed for small homes and high prices, which is why savvy Londoners are turning to loft conversions to make the most of their money. Up to 30% of a house’s living area can be found in the loft, so our London loft conversions significantly improve quality of life and living space in the capital.


Our team have years of experience serving Middlesex and know the area’s requirements and permission for loft conversions, which can change from street to street.


Average house prices in Surrey are among the highest in the home counties, and are well beyond the minimum stamp duty threshold. In areas such as Elmbridge, average house prices are over £600,000. An investment into your home here is highly likely to provide an excellent yield, so loft conversions in Surrey are a favoured option for families who do not want to move but still need more space.