Planning Permission for Lofts in London

Loft conversions are an increasingly popular choice in London, as house prices are increasing rapidly and the competitive market can make it difficult to upgrade locally.

london planning permission

Permission in London Boroughs

Most London Borough websites have detailed information about the planning permissions and restrictions within those areas. If you live close to Borough boundaries, it can be difficult to find the right permissions for your area. The London development database helps to find the right information, or you can get in touch and speak to our experienced London team who will point you in the right direction.

Ultimately, each of the 33 London Boroughs are responsible for planning and permitted developments in each area.

Permitted Developments

As in the rest of the country, many loft conversions in London can be carried out as permitted developments, as long as they meet the criteria. If you have property within a conservation area or have a development article applied to your home, however, you may have to apply for permission and it’s possible that there will be further restrictions to the type of loft conversion that you can have or the materials that you have to use on the exterior.

Expert Advice

Our team have worked in and around London for over a decade, and have a wealth of experience with every property type in the city. We offer free assessments where we can provide a personalised quotation and information about the restrictions you may face with your property. During these visits, we also advise you on which loft conversion type is best for your property and your intended usage.