Eco Loft Conversions in Essex

Eco Lofts are ideally located to provide eco-friendly loft conversions in and around Essex. We are based in Greater London with easy access to and years of experience in Essex.

Our teams are locally based and have excellent knowledge of the area, planning permission, and the character of each area to ensure that you have a loft conversion that’s designed in keeping with the local planning laws and fits the personality of your home.

essex loft conversion

Local Assessments

Based less than an hour from Chelmsford, we provide assessments at your home to ensure that your quote is accurate and we can recommend a loft conversion that will make the most of your available space. The kind of conversion we recommend depends on your house type, structure, your area, and your budget. While some Essex homeowners can choose from all 4 loft conversion types (Velux, dormer, mansard, and hip to gable), others are more limited and we will have to let you know what is within your budget and how you can fulfil the building regulations.

A Working Knowledge of Essex

Our proximity to Essex means that we have a wealth of knowledge of the area, materials required to blend in with the local aesthetics, and understand any local planning restrictions that may apply. This means that you’re one step ahead at each stage of the process and we can provide in-depth knowledge throughout the design and build.

Essex Green Initiatives

Essex has a number of conservation areas and tree preservation orders throughout the county. There are also some exceptions to the planning consent within Essex (such as separate planning offices for Southend-on-Sea and Thurrock). We are always fully informed of any changes and will let you know exactly how you need to proceed with your loft conversion to work within the local rules.

Experience in Essex

Our team have decades of experience working on loft conversions in and around Essex. Our experience in the area means that we have an excellent knowledge of the local requirements, suppliers, and the best way to complete your loft conversion with minimal disruption to you, your family, and your neighbours.