Bedroom Loft Conversion in Hertford, Herts

Bedroom loft conversions are the most popular type that we work on – so many homes around Hertfordshire need a little more living space, but people don’t want to move away from schools, communities, or easy commuter routes.

Our clients had recently turned their guest bedroom into a nursery for their latest arrival, so it made it more cramped when people came to visit – especially when family came to look after the new baby.

dormer loft herts

As well as the bedroom, they decided to use some of the loft space to build cabinets and storage so that they can declutter the rest of the house. It’s a great idea even when you want to incorporate the storage into the rooms; the space under the roof is rarely used, so rather than walling it off a lot of clients decide to build low storage there for items like suitcases, Christmas decorations, and other bits that you don’t need regular access to.

Thick carpets and additional insulation make the loft conversion an incredibly comfortable space, as well as reducing heat loss from the rest of the house.

herts dormer bedroom

The dormers provide additional headroom around the bed and open up more of the space, while the leaded windows make sure that the conversion blends in with the exterior of the home and maintain the original aesthetic.

“We’re so pleased with our new rooms! We already had furniture for them and the additional storage space means that the rest of the house actually seems bigger too. Everyone at Ecoloft was so polite and tidy, and everything finished on time too so we didn’t need to worry about anything.”

“Everything about the new room matches the rest of the house – including the radiator type and skirting. It’s great that it blends in with the house so easily, almost like it was always there.”