Dormer Loft Conversion In North Watford, Hertfordshire

This dormer loft conversion creates extra space and light for a bedroom in North Watford.  ‘Our family is expanding, but we have good jobs and excellent schools in Hertfordshire’, said our clients.  ‘We’d rather convert our home than leave it for another area.’  They were expecting another child and wanted to give their five year old son his own bedroom.

childrens room loft conversion watford

Our clients opted for 3 smaller windows instead of one large one.  The lower right hand side window is fixed; it doesn’t open but it provides light.  In the top right hand corner is an awning window which is ideal for providing ventilation when it rains because, when open, the glass has a downward slant.


The left hand side casement window provides more ventilation and an escape route in the event of a fire.  Casement windows are hinged on the right or left side and also open outward.  They have a smaller leakage rate and are good at noise reduction.  Both windows can be locked with a key, which was important to our clients.


The windows are covered on the outside by a diagonal metal grille, which is a great low cost design option that many home owners are choosing in favour of more costly diagonal glazing bars.

children's room loft conversion herts

Our clients chose a modern radiator which is more energy efficient and warms up quickly.  Modern designs also boast of a narrow width that won’t take up excess space.  The carpet we installed was a thick velvet pile that feels luxurious, absorbs noise and provides soft comfort during the inevitable action packed afternoon of a five year old.


Though not shown here, the room is lit by a single LED lamp, which is energy efficient and made of material that leaves a low carbon imprint.  We are all so pleased with the new bedroom, our clients said. ‘Our son is finally sleeping in his own bed!’