Dormer Loft Conversion in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire

Our clients in Potters Bar had always wanted a luxury bathroom that they could unwind in after a long day.  Living in a family home in Hertfordshire, they preferred to build a loft conversion rather than moving to a building that had more space.  ‘We grew up in this part of Hertfordshire, and couldn’t bear to leave’, our clients told us. They chose a dormer loft conversion (sometimes called a kennel extension) in order to help them to make the most of their available loft space.

potters bar herts bathroom

To create a classic look without the expense of diagonal glazing bars, we’ve added a single metal grille to the outside of the six windows (which each open separately).  Glazing bars were used up until the late 19th century to separate smaller panes of glass (called lites); at that time it was cost effective to produce glass for windows this way.  The metal grille creates the Old World effect perfectly while keeping our clients on budget.  The result is quite pleasing.

bathroom loft conversion in herts

This egg shaped bathtub is the focal point of their luxury bathroom.  ‘We find it relaxing just to look at,’ said our clients, who chose it almost immediately.  The calm, natural oval shape is equally relaxing to sit in, as it supports your back and neck in a gentle slope, (unlike more traditional tubs that can have angles which contradict basic ergonomic design).

We’ve used LED ceiling lights which keeps with the minimalistic design of the room while preserving head height. LED lights are a great choice because they are brighter than traditional bulbs yet use 80% less energy.

potters bar bathroom loft conversion

Our clients requested a separate walk in shower.  The glass panel preserves the open, spacious feel of the bathroom.  The built in shelves provide storage space without overstepping the plane of the walls (which could sacrifice space).  In the shower, it’s been outfitted with luxury toiletries.  The grade of the shelf is ever so slightly diagonal- which keeps the shampoo from tipping over without collecting excess water.

Finally, the towel warmer is just about floor to ceiling length, which provides plenty of room for cosy bath linens. We’ve enjoyed creating this luxury bath and our clients couldn’t be happier.  ‘We love getting lost in here’, they’ve said.