Dormer Loft Conversion in St Albans, Hertfordshire

Our clients in St Albans, Hertfordshire, knew that their daughter had outgrown her childhood bedroom and the house in general needed a lot more storage. They didn’t want to move house since they were next door to their aging parents and very close to the children’s schools – moving would just cause too many upheavals in their day to day lives.

Building a loft conversion gave their daughter more privacy. “If she needs to move back in after university, it means that she won’t just be back to where she was as a kid. It’s great – she can have friends over and listen to music without disturbing her brothers downstairs.”
herts bedroom loft conversion

The roof space either side of the Dormers was used for storage, as well as further cupboards built around the staircase. Old toys, Christmas decorations, and other bits and pieces finally have a home that doesn’t crowd the garage or the rest of the house. wall in loft conversion hertsEven better, nobody had to move, pay fees such as stamp duty, and when our client does choose to sell the house it will be worth up to £30k+ more thanks to the additional bedroom and improvements.

The bedroom is beautifully light and airy, with plenty of natural light coming in through the Dormers. The views out are of the leafy neighbourhood and back garden, adding a little more privacy to the room as it doesn’t open out onto the street.

“We were really surprised at how quickly the work was done. We’re taking longer to sort out curtains and final bits and pieces than it took to actually build the loft!”

If you would like to talk about adding a loft conversion onto your property, and what your options are, just get in touch. We can offer advice on loft conversion types and designs to make sure you get the most out of the additional space.