Velux Loft Conversion in Tottenham, London

Our client in Tottenham wanted to add another bedroom to their home. A Velux loft conversion was perfect for the terraced London house, and we managed to add a surprisingly spacious bedroom with a small Juliet balcony to the back.

tottenham loft conversion

Increased insulation improves the energy efficiency of the entire home, since a huge amount of heat is lost through the roof, while making the loft quieter since standard insulation also works to muffle sound. This is an excellent benefit for our clients in busy cities, where noise pollution have have a large impact on home comfort and sleep.

LED lighting reduces energy required to light the conversion while maximizing head room. It also gives our client more control over the lighting options so that he can turn all of the lights on if he’d like to read, while turning others off if he doesn’t need quite as much light.

loft conversion balcony London

The small balcony is a fantastic way to let more light into the room and stop the loft from overheating in the summer by increasing ventilation. Opening the balcony to the back of the home also means that it has a much smaller impact on their neighbours’ privacy.

velux loft tottenham

Large Velux windows also let in plenty of light and the top hung window type means that they don’t have an impact on ceiling height or create hazards when they’re open.

view from velux windowVery few of the houses on this street have loft conversions, so this improvement can have a huge impact on the house value relative to others on the street as well as compared to the original buy price and investment. Loft conversions can add up to a fifth onto house prices, while increasing living space by up to 30%. The loft conversion means that our client will be able to sell the house at a far higher price when he puts it on the market and it’s likely to sell faster too.