Eco Loft Conversion Benefits

Using sustainable materials and improving the energy efficiency of your loft conversion has numerous benefits for your family, your budget, and the environment. Eco Loft provide a range of options to make your loft conversion as green as possible – this ranges from the materials we use, how we recycle them, and how we make the most of the energy used within your home.

Environmentally-friendly building materials and processes have been proven to:

  • Reduce household bills
  • Improve health
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Reduce waste
  • Improve comfort within the home

An eco loft conversion safeguards your health and helps you make the most of your space and budget, all while doing your part for the world around you. The government and construction industries are increasingly monitoring the environmental impact of building work due to the many benefits of eco-friendly construction.

How will an eco loft conversion help my household budget?

As the energy costs increase across the country, anything that reduces your energy usage is a worthwhile investment. One of the fundamental aims of an eco loft conversion is to reduce wastefulness and make the most of any energy that you do use – this includes insulation and triple-glazing to keep heat in, intelligent ventilation that retains heat while keeping air circulating, and using energy-efficient lighting such as low-energy LEDs.

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How will environmentally-friendly materials improve my health?

Over the years, we have used building materials that are hazardous to both our health and our environment. Some, such as asbestos and lead paint, have been outlawed and are no longer used in modern construction. However, others are still used in general construction despite the health problems associated with them. Green building materials are selected for their impact on both the environment and on human health to ensure that we’re doing the best we can for both the earth and your family.

In addition to chemical composition, some green building materials are used for eco lofts because of how they react with their environment. For example, wood is a much more breathable material than concrete and metal, so buildings with timber structures are better ventilated than their concrete counterparts. In a humid country like the UK, this reduces the risk of condensation, mould, and high humidity which in turn improves respiratory health.

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How does an eco loft conversion reduce my environmental impact?

Every one of our processes is created and monitored to reduce the environmental impact of your loft conversion. We optimise each part of your home so that you consume less and produce less harmful waste. These processes work to reduce your carbon emissions, reduce your fossil fuel consumption, reduce the ecological waste produced by your build by recycling as much as possible (and building with recyclable materials), and reducing air and noise pollution.

The Code for Sustainable Homes covers water, waste, pollution, and ecology, and forms a basis for our design work and assessments.

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Will sustainable building materials make my home more comfortable?

Maintaining a stable room temperature and reducing air pollutants are key to improving your home comfort. Energy-efficient building reduces drafts, retains heat, but prevents rooms from becoming muggy or humid. This means that your home is comfortable all year round and prevents damage to your conversion through mould or leakages. Reducing your energy usage also reduces harmful emissions, which will improve the air quality in your home as well as the temperature.

Even if you do not suffer from respiratory diseases or asthma, studies have shown that improving the air quality in your home can have incredible benefits, from better sleep to improved mood on a day to day basis.

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