Does an Eco Loft Conversion Affect the Rest of My House?

Adding an eco-friendly loft conversion to your home has a huge number of benefits, but most homes in the UK aren’t very eco-friendly. A lot of our clients ask us if an eco loft conversion will really have an impact on their home, bills, and way of life if the rest of the building doesn’t have the same standards. In short – yes, but not to the same extent.

You’ll Lose a Lot Less Heat

Up to 25% of your house’s heat loss goes out through the roof/loft space. Adding an eco-friendly loft conversion with extra insulation will drastically reduce that figure and help you spend less on heating. It doesn’t mean that you’ll stop losing heat from uninsulated walls or windows, but it is still a considerable reduction.

So You’ll Spend Less on Heating

If it’s easier to keep your house warm, you’ll spend less money on heating. While loft conversions are an additional room, they often have little impact on the heating bill since the heat from the rest of the house rises into the loft space. If anything, your loft conversion is likely to be one of the warmest spots in the house.

You Can Generate Electricity

A lot of our clients choose to put solar panels on their roof to generate their own electricity. The state of the rest of your house doesn’t have a large impact on whether or not you can have solar panels, and you can even make a little money by selling your electricity back to your provider if there’s a surplus.

Clean Building Materials Still Create a Welcoming Space

Using timber and other breathable building materials still have a large impact on home comfort. While you may not feel the effects in the rest of the house, the loft certainly will. If anybody in your family has breathing or sleeping difficulties, it’s often a good idea to move their bedroom into the eco loft conversion to see if it eases their symptoms.