Improve Health and Wellbeing

Using environmentally-friendly building materials for your loft conversion doesn’t just help your wallet – it can significantly improve your health and wellbeing too. Our designers work to the standards set by the Code for Sustainable Homes, and ensure that all of the building materials used for your loft conversion are environmentally friendly while delivering the best health benefits to you and your family.

Air quality

Analysis has shown that air pollutant levels are 2-5 times higher indoors than outside. Some of these are due to human behaviour, such as smoking. The majority of these are a by-product of materials used to build, furnish, or clean the building.

Eco Loft use timber for the structure and doors of our loft conversions, and only use organic sources for our insulation. This means that your home is clean, warm, and breathable. Unlike concrete or metal structures, timber-framed constructions absorb and release moisture easily, preventing your rooms from becoming muggy and guarding against the build up of mould from condensation. ‘Breathing’ loft conversions benefit from significantly better air quality and longevity, without the need for mechanical extraction.


The Code for Sustainable Homes awards points for minimum daylight received in each room. As your loft conversion will have Velux or dormer windows, it will achieve an average daylight factor of at least 2% for each room. Increased access to daylight improves mood, concentration, and sleeping patterns, which in turn provide significant benefits for your health and wellbeing. These benefits increase over time, as stable sleeping patterns will further improve health, digestion, skin condition, and mood.

Sound insulation

Exclusion of noise pollution is essential in creating a sense of privacy and comfort in your home. Eco loft conversions use triple-glazing and more insulation than a standard loft conversion in order to conserve energy – this approach has the additional health benefit of excluding neighbourhood noise. The Code for Sustainable homes awards points for higher quality of sound insulation – our loft conversions always aim for the maximum points available.