Reduce Environmental Impact

Many of our clients choose a green loft conversion specifically to reduce their environmental impact. As resources are depleted and populations grow, people are increasingly aware of their impact on the environment. Reducing this impact is key to ensuring the wellbeing of the planet, ecosystem, and climate stability for future generations.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

The report leading to the Code for Sustainable homes found that around 25% ofCO2 emissions are due to domestic heating and lighting. Reducing this energy consumption and ensuring that the energy used is handled efficiently can have a notable impact on carbon emissions and your household bills. Working towards a construction industry where the majority of homes are sustainably built will significantly reduce carbon emissions in the country and lower one of the major contributors towards climate change.

Reduce Fossil Fuel Consumption

Approximately 31% of the UK’s electricity is created by coal-burning power stations. While a third of these stations is expected to close within the next few years to meet EU air quality standards, the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels has a definite impact on the environment. The transportation of building materials and waste also involves fossil fuels, which further damage the environment.

There are a number of ways to reduce fossil fuel consumption through green loft conversions, whether you want to simply use environmentally-friendly materials or you want to start producing your own energy. Using GreenSpec PASS materials is one way to ensure that your loft conversion has a lower impact on the environment, while installing solar panels on your roof for alternative energy can lower your overall household consumption of fossil fuels.

Reduce Air and Noise Pollution

Two of the biggest complaints in modern cities are air and noise pollution. If you live in a city centre or busy street, it can be difficult to have a quiet sanctuary. Likewise, air quality is markedly lower indoors than out simply due to harmful chemicals and toxins involved in building and decorating interior spaces. Using eco-friendly building materials and insulation can drastically improve the quality of air in your home and reduce incoming noise pollution. It also reduces your environmental impact both during the creation of the loft conversion products

Reduce Landfills Through Recycling

Waste is one of the major environmental issues of our time. Western countries are increasingly sending waste to landfill sites in the developing world, but we can’t ignore the impact that this has on the world as a whole or on local communities where the waste is left. Recycling ensures that a product is used to the full extent possible and reduces landfills, ensuring a cleaner environment and more diverse ecosystem both here and abroad.