Budgeting for a Loft Extension and Why Going Green Makes Sense

The property market within the UK has been the subject of much debate and worry for many people; whether you’re a householder or a landlord, the rising costs and crowded marketplace have been a cause for concern for many people.

Making the most of what you already have is the philosophy which many homeowners have taken to living by and with good reason! House prices are still high and property in choice areas is at a premium.

Growing families can no longer up sticks as easily as they once could so the obvious solution is to expand what’s already in place…which for many people means a loft extension.

going green and budgeting

Why Green Makes Sense

It’s not only the planet which benefits from an eco-friendly build; your health and your budget will also thank you if you choose from the various options available for green builds; from the materials used in the fabric of the extension to how they are recycled can all have an impact.

Planning Saves Money

Choosing your insulation well alongside ecologically friendly heating options will ensure your bills are kept low in the long term.

From triple glazing to intelligent ventilation, an ecologically friendly loft extension will help your home stay warm without turning the heat up on the house or your pocket!

Your Health and Your Loft Conversion

It’s not so very long ago that all sorts of very toxic materials were used in the building trade; from asbestos to chemical laden paints and finishing materials, householders could literally be living inside a poison environment.

An eco-build is one way of ensuring that the fabric of your home is made from safe, natural and sustainable materials which won’t damage the environment or your family.

Timber frames, natural and breathable are far superior to their concrete counterparts and because they allow the building to release and retain the correct amounts of moisture, you won’t find condensation and the resulting damp and mould an issue.

The Comfort of Knowing You’re Doing Your Part

It’s all too easy to say “someone else can worry about that” when it comes to caring for the planet but the responsibility lies with us all. When you choose a green build, you’re not only choosing the safest and most financially viable option but also the right one for the earth.

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