Why Choose Green Building Materials

Green building materials are becoming increasingly popular in loft conversions and new builds. As the government, construction industry, and individuals consider the environment and ecosystems that we live in, they are increasingly deciding to use materials and processes that limit harm to both the environment and human health.

Environmental Benefits

Many building processes have harmful effects on the environment; from ore extraction, high energy consumption and hazardous by-products through to the exhaustion of natural resources.  Many of these effects have further consequences such as climate change, which is affecting the entire planet.

Green building materials offer benefits in every area, from the creation of the material through to the qualities which make it more energy efficient. Green timber is sustainably farmed, green windows keep in heat, and green insulation is entirely organic and does not produce harmful chemicals.

Hazardous and Toxic Chemicals in Building Materials

Many modern and old building materials are toxic or at least harmful. While items such as asbestos and lead paint have largely been removed and are not used in modern builds, materials that we still use today can harm health directly or indirectly. The chemicals that are used to create, furnish, or clean buildings remain in the atmosphere to be breathed in or absorbed through other means.

In extreme circumstances, a building may be ‘diagnosed’ with sick building syndrome, which has no specific cause but can cause headaches, nausea, aches, tiredness, breaking problems, eye and throat irritation, and a range of other unpleasant symptoms. Air quality and light is essential to creating a positive and comfortable environment in the home, and these aspects are central to every eco loft build.

Wildlife and Ecosystem Conservation

Green building materials don’t just benefit your health and energy consumption – they ensure that wildlife and ecosystems are protected. Timber for our loft conversions is sourced from sustainably-managed forests, and every link in the supply chain is carefully monitored. While quarrying and other activities have detrimental effects on the ecosystem, you can be sure that your loft conversion has not had any harmful impacts on the wildlife in the UK or abroad.

Ethical Building

As well as sourcing wood and materials from safe supply chains, we ensure that the suppliers we work with have high levels of corporate responsibilities. While it’s important to safeguard wildlife and the environment, we can’t forget our moral obligation to safeguard human rights too. Green building materials are only obtained from companies with good human rights records who work fairly with local and international communities.