Green Construction Information

As part of building an green loft conversion, many of our clients find themselves overwhelmed with information about assessment types, green construction criteria, and information about the environmental impact of construction. To help educate our clients, and to provide a simple say of finding some of the more important information in the UK, we have created a resource page with links to the main rating systems and requirements.


BREEAM is one of the world’s leading environmental assessment methods and rating systems for buildings. It was first launched in 1990 and has since had over 1,000,000 buildings registered for assessment.

BREEAM assessments for the design and construction of domestic buildings include the Code for Sustainable Homes. Assessments take part in 2 stages; first the design is checked, then a final assessment and certification is completed once the building has been constructed.

Code for Sustainable Homes

The Code for Sustainable Homes was launched following a report that showed over 25% of UK’s carbon dioxide emissions came from heating, lighting, and running our homes. It forms a standard for various elements of design and construction, and will improve the sustainability and green credentials of UK’s construction industry.

The code lays out minimum standards required for energy/CO2, water, materials, surface water run-off, waste, pollution, health and well-being, management, and ecology.

GreenSpec PASS

The GreenSpec PASS system provides endorsements for green construction products and materials that pass their requirements. The assessing panel looks at 14 different criteria when evaluating a specific green building product and decides whether it fits the stringent requirements of this qualification. The criteria include the manufacture of the product, disposal, energy efficiency, and transportation during the lifecycle of the product.