Home Cinema Loft Conversion

Every film enthusiast dreams of a home cinema; 7:1 surround sound, high definition projectors, ergonomic seating, and nobody else whispering or disturbing your experience.

Loft conversions are the perfect place for home cinemas – if you prefer darkness, we can add smaller windows and black out blinds for the perfect experience at any time of day. We can also increase the amount of insulation so that you block out outside noises and totally immerse yourself in your chosen film.

home cinema loft

Cheaper Loft Conversions

Loft conversion costs depend on a number of factors, and the price is increased by things such as bathroom installations, plumbing, and adding larger windows. This means that home cinema conversions are often cheaper than adding a bedroom simply because these costs are reduced or removed entirely. You can then invest that money in your sound system or a better screen/projector for your home cinema, or spend it on improving other rooms in the house.

A lot of our home cinema customers ask us if they can just remove window entirely, since they’ll always have the blinds shut when they’re using their room. If you would like to sell the house with the loft counted as an ‘additional bedroom’ and meet building regulations, you will need to add windows to ensure it’s considered a liveable space.

Multi-Functional Rooms

Unfortunately, a lot of homes in and around London aren’t quite large enough to justify an entire room dedicated to film. Your home cinema can easily be turned into a multifunctional room by adding furniture that converts into beds for a guest room, or simply creating numerous rooms so that one can be used as a home office (for example) and the other room is solely used for watching films.