Loft Conversion Benefits

The UK has some of the smallest homes in Europe and practically every household struggles with storage or living space. While stamp duty, solicitor fees, and property costs rise, a loft conversion can provide an elegant solution to these problems. The benefits of a loft conversion don’t stop there; your new development can significantly increase the value of your property, increase the amount of light in your home, and even improve your views.

Add value to your home

Loft conversions are one of the best ways to invest in your home. Experts claim that a good conversion can increase the value of your home by an average of £20,876 – meaning that the average loft conversion has an ROI of around 200%. No other home improvement comes close, with extensions only adding an average of £16,000 to each property and cost considerably more to complete.

Avoid moving costs and upheaval

The traditional way to increase your number of bedrooms is to move. One of the major benefits of a loft conversion is that you can stay in the same area, avoiding the need to modify your commute, find a new school, re-route all of your post, pay for a removals company, and generally go through the ordeal of moving home.

Stamp duty is often equal to the cost of an entire loft conversion, so you achieve significant savings taking this option compared to moving home.

Increase space

The primary reason benefit of a loft conversion is increased space – it’s the main reason why people opt to change their home. A well-planned loft extension will improve your storage space and maybe even provide intelligent solutions such as additional storage underneath your new stairs. This decreases the strain on the rest of your home and helps your de-clutter as well as offering a new room for your family.

Improve your views

Most homeowners are so used to looking at other houses on their street, they’re amazed by the new views they have once their loft conversion is completed. Being higher up means that you can survey your area from a new perspective.

Increase daylight

Velux windows and even dormers let in more light as they’re less likely to be blocked by houses, trees, and other obstacles that stop your other windows from letting in the maximum amount of sunshine. Your loft conversion windows will enjoy longer hours of daylight due to their height, positioning, and angles.