Loft Conversion Ideas & Lifestyle


Bedrooms are one of the most popular loft conversions – these loft conversion ideas often add the most value to your house, and ensure that your family has the space that it needs. Since you’re in charge of the build from beginning to end, you’re only limited by the space in front of you and your imagination. Rather than opting for a standard bedroom format, you may want to increase your space even further by putting your bed on a mezzanine, adding screens between sleeping and living areas, or simply using the pitch of the roof to add storage space or seating around the room.


Bathrooms are another all-popular addition in a loft conversion. There are few things more luxurious than a large, beautiful bathroom, so this is a fantastic way to flex your designing muscles and try something unusual. Free-standing or sunken baths are always an effective centrepiece, as are walk-in showers and unusual tile effects.

Hobby Room

Dedicating a room to your favourite pastime is a wonderful reason to convert your loft. Over the years, we’ve worked with dozens of hobbyists who have added everything from home gyms to sewing rooms. We love bringing our customers’ ideas to life and making sure that they have the best possible space to practice their craft.

Loft conversion ideas have included:

  • Home gyms
  • Playrooms
  • Games rooms
  • Home cinemas
  • Craft rooms
  • Art rooms
  • Libraries
  • Sewing rooms
  • Jewellery workshops

We always look forward to one of these designs, and to seeing what ideas you already have for your build.


Some loft conversion ideas involve completely changing the layout of the house. If you are extending your kitchen or simply want a separate lounge for the kids, a lounge is a very simple but effective way to increase your living space.

Home Office

Home offices are a common addition, with more and more people starting their own businesses or just needing a quiet corner of the house to work in. The space you find in a home office loft conversion is often far larger than in a standard home office, which lets you really spread out and add interesting design features.