Bathroom Loft Conversions

Adding a bathroom is a popular choice when building loft conversions, particularly if the majority of space is dedicated to a new bedroom. Adding plumbing to the loft space does cost slightly more, but it’s often worth it considering how much the addition can benefit your family and how much value the loft conversion will add to the house as a whole.

bathroom in loft conversion

Bathroom Options

Loft conversion bathrooms tend to have more space than standard family bathrooms since you can choose exactly how much room you dedicate to this room compared to the others. The UK has some of the smallest rooms and homes in Europe, so many homeowners take advantage of this chance for a little luxury and add beautiful touches like roll-top baths or wet rooms.

wetroom loft conversion

If you would like the maximum privacy in your bathroom, we usually recommend Velux to provide a lot of natural light but little chance of neighbours seeing into your windows.

bathroom loft conversion

Pricing for Bathroom Loft Conversions

It’s impossible to provide a single price for bathroom loft conversions. In most instances, the bathroom is not the only room in the loft conversion so there are other items to consider. The pricing depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Materials used
  • Bathroom type (wet rooms, for example, require more waterproofing and a different finish to standard bathrooms)
  • Bathroom finishes
  • Loft conversion type
  • Number of windows added to the loft conversion
  • Size of the loft space

If you would like an accurate price for your loft conversion, simply get in touch and we will provide a quote based on your home and your requirements.

loft conversion bathroom