Bedroom Loft Conversions

Bedrooms are one of the most popular room ideas for loft conversions in London, Hertfordshire, and Essex. These rooms are some of the most needed as families expand, and as houses are often valued according to the number of bedrooms it can add far more value to your home compared to other loft conversions.

loft conversion bedroom

Planning a Bedroom Loft Conversion

The planning process for a bedroom is no more complex than any standard loft conversion. The building regulations are the same, and you will still need to create safe staircases, windows, and sufficient head room as you would for any other loft conversion.

If you would like to add an en suite bathroom, additional plumbing work will need to be undertaken. While this does involve additional work and cost, most homeowners find that this is a very valuable addition, especially as family homes often have far fewer bathrooms than bedrooms.

There are also no further planning permission restrictions for bedroom loft conversions; most of these builds are allowed under the Permitted Developments section of the Planning Permission regulations. You may require planning permission if you are in a conservation area or if you are making drastic changes to the exterior of your home, but the contents or use of the room has no impact on this process. We will always provide support and advice throughout the planning process so that you can apply for permission if necessary.

bedroom loft conversion

Cost of Adding a Bedroom to your Home

It’s impossible to provide an accurate cost for a loft conversion without assessing the property and providing advice on what sort of loft conversion you require. Some properties have amble space in the room and enough head room to satisfy building regulations, so they can easily add a staircase to the home and create a Velux loft conversion. Others may need to change the pitch of the roof to provide more room and may need to carry out building work on other areas of the house to fit in a staircase – in those instances, we may recommend a Hip to Gable or Mansard loft conversion, which have different costs involved.

To provide an accurate cost, we offer a free assessment and advice to ensure that our plans meet your requirements and the structure of your loft. Just get in touch to talk about your plans and to book a visit.