Home Office Loft Conversions

With almost 3 million Britons working from home, home offices are becoming an increasingly popular loft conversion choice. People often sacrifice a between or even build a shed in the garden to use it as a home office – especially if they need to keep the office quiet – but a home office loft conversion provides privacy, quiet, and much more space while improving the value of your home.

home office interior

Arrange Your Work Space to Suit You

The fantastic thing about loft conversions is that you have a blank space – you can design it to fit your needs perfectly. If you need extra sound insulation, we can add that to your design. If you need plenty of natural light, we can just add more windows to the conversion. If you need a lot of worktop space, you can create fitted furniture for the conversion to get exactly what you need.

home office loft conversion

Get the Privacy You Need

Noise, interruptions, and distractions are some major issues when working from home; whether you have young children who like to play throughout the house, or a partner who just likes to chat, it can be difficult to get away from the distractions of your private life to do your work. As a separate storey to your house, it offers a unique sense of privacy. Insulation options and soundproofing can work to turn your loft conversion into the perfect work space.

loft conversion home office

Use as Much or as Little Space as You Need

If you create or ship physical products, you may need to use your entire loft conversion as a workshop as well as a home office. If not, you may choose to add a bedroom to the loft conversion or even a small kitchenette to add more value to your home or a convenient place to make tea in between emails.

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