Music Room & Recording Studio Loft Conversion

Musical ability is a fantastic talent, but it can be a little difficult to practice without disturbing the rest of the family. The separation and sound insulation of a loft conversion make it a fantastic option for a music room or even a home recording studio.

music room loft conversion

Practice Your Music in Peace

Creating your own music room means that you can practice of compose whenever you want, without needing to work around people’s schedules or  even having to rearrange furniture to work with your instrument. Regardless of your instrument, we can add more insulation or completely soundproof the room so you can practice in peace without worrying about disturbing the rest of the household or even your neighbours.

Record Music at Home

A London recording studio can cost £300 per day – if you regularly record your own music, the price can soon add up. Recording music at home gives you a huge amount of flexibility and takes the pressure of so you can re-record as much as you want without having to watch the clock.

Wasting Light, Exile on Main Street, Basement Tapes, OK Computer, and The Downward Spiral are just a handful of legendary albums recorded in home studios. Like in any other industry, working from home means that you can work when it suits you best – it’s perfect for people are night owls or just want to work when inspiration strikes without having to make bookings or check their budget first.

home recording studio

Cheap Home Studios Do Exist!

Unfortunately, recording music isn’t the cheapest hobby. That said, there are ways to build a home studio without completely breaking the bank. For example, Lifehacker claims that you could put together a basic music studio for around £400 – the equivalent of just over a day recording in a studio elsewhere.