Nursery & Playroom Loft Conversions

A new arrival always means that you need more space – a lot of new families like to expand upwards and convert their loft, either to use as a new guest bedroom to change the use of an existing room, or to a beautiful loft nursery for their baby.

nursery loft conversion

Make the Most of Storage

Every new parent will tell you that they’re amazed how much stuff a baby needs. That’s one of the many reasons why a loft conversion is perfect for the nursery – the shape of the room and additional space means there are plenty of options for storage. Getting custom cabinets made can help you make the most of the space under the pitch of the roof while integrated wardrobes can be built on the other walls for even more places to hide toys, clothes, or items from the rest of the house.

Talk to Us About Safety and Access

The biggest reservation that most new parents have is the separate staircase to get up to the loft conversion, but this can always be built to your needs and specifications. We always recommend wider staircases for loft conversions simply because you need to get furniture upstairs and use the area every day – this is perfectly suitable for carrying your child up or for them to learn to use safely. Baby gates are easy to install on the top of your stairs, and you can even avoid the need for toddler door buffers and the like as your child gets older.

If you prefer to sleep on the same floor as your child, it’s the perfect opportunity to update your bedroom and move upstairs to two purpose-build, adjoining rooms. A lot of our clients opt for this, and enjoy the proximity which means that they don’t need to use baby monitors or walk to the other side of the house at night.

baby room loft conversion

Give Your Child Room to Grow

As your child grows, they’ll enjoy the space and privacy of a loft bedroom. Developmental psychologists have shown that privacy and ‘own space’ is essential to developing brains – as your baby gets older and starts having friends to visit, the luxury of a loft conversion bedroom can give them the space they need to develop and practice their hobbies in peace.