Planning Permission for Mansard Loft Conversions

Unlike Velux or Dormer loft conversions, planning permission is almost always needed for Mansard conversions. These conversions require significant changes to your roof and the overall structure of your house, as well as the shape, which is why local authorities prefer to look at each case rather than allowing them to be built as permitted developments.

Getting Permission for Your Mansard Conversion

EcoLofts work with RIBA accredited architects to offer advice and help at every stage of your design and build – this is a particularly helpful service for clients who are building Mansard loft conversions and need to apply to their local authority for planning consent.

If you prefer to handle the process yourself, it’s often a good idea to meet with a local planning officer to discuss your application and what the requirements are. You may be charged for the meeting, but it does mean that you’ll see potential pitfalls in advance and can tailor your application based on their advice. You can even find out if there’s a good chance that you’ll get permission before you actually submit your application (although it’s not guaranteed that you will).

What You Need to Submit

There are a number of mandatory documents that you need to submit with every planning application. These include:

  • A standard application form
  • A location plan to show the area and the context
  • A site plan to show your intended development
  • An ownership certificate to show that you own the property
  • An agricultural holdings certificate (this is needed even if it’s not an agricultural building)
  • The right application fee

Many authorities also ask that you submit a design and access statement to explain the design concepts and to show how any potential issues have been thought about and dealt with. If you live in a conservation area, you will definitely need to submit this statement with your application.

How Much Does it Cost?

There are concessions available, so fees may vary, but currently it costs £172 to submit a planning application for alteration of a dwelling.